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When you need emergency dental services, get in touch with us immediately. We will provide the required treatment without delay. While most dental conditions do not constitute an emergency, there are ones that do. Find out more about them.

The Most Common Emergencies and Their Treatments

Strong and persistent toothache is a sign of a serious condition. A painkiller can provide only temporary relief without eliminating the cause of the problem. That is why the recommended course of action is to seek the best emergency dentist in Roseville and the surrounding area. The specialist will carry out an exam to determine the cause of the pain. A pocket of decay may have reached the interior of your tooth in which case root canal therapy is required. If an erupting wisdom tooth has created an opening of the gum causing an infection, your dentist will clean the area and prescribe antibiotics.

A broken or cracked tooth is a dental emergency, even if it is not painful. Unless you react quickly, it can easily get damaged and you may lose it. Depending on the extent of the damage, the treatment may involve dental filling or the cementing of a crown. These solutions restore the teeth and protect the natural structure which still stands from damage. You will be able to bite and chew like before without extra pressure being exercised on the rest of the teeth.

If one of more of your permanent teeth have been knocked out, you should seek help straight away, as it may be saved in case treatment is provided within half an hour or an hour at the most. To increase the chances of preservation, the American Dental Association recommends that you pick a lost tooth by the crown, clean it thoroughly and put it back into its socket and hold it there.

When one or more teeth cannot be saved, you can resort to a dental crown or bridge or to one of the restorative treatments that we provide. Your dentist will discuss the options and answer your questions after giving you the required emergency dental care.

At GKS Family Dentistry, we provide general, cosmetic, restorative and emergency dentistry services for the residents of Roseville, Folsom, Garnet bay and Carmichael.

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